Today is my birthday. This next year of life I can be whoever I want. I can rewire my brain into a different arrangement. I can interact with the world in an entirely new way.

One of the side effects of being a brick and mortar business owner is that it organizes your brain into a very structured and efficient manner. I’m finding lately that this is causing impatience and hinders me from being in the moment due to future planning and solution finding thought patterns.

To move into this next phase of life, I’m working on developing the right side of my brain; which is more expansive, creative, fluid and unstructured. This means less computer time, more artistic expression (singing, art, meditation) and softening my rougher edges. Essentially, thinking less and feeling more.

My gift to myself is a trip to India with one of my most influential teachers, who has taught me to open this side of my brain, my heart and myself.

In November, I’ll be spending a couple weeks in Rishikesh with dear friends, living the simple life at the foothills of the Himalayas, meditating by the great Ganga river and reflecting upon the bigger picture.

Just like the river, life continues to ebb and flow. Our brains become wired by how we live and the choices we make. We must consciously insert pauses into the flow of life to reflect and allow ourselves to change course.

I am grateful for today, I am grateful for everyday, life is truly a blessing…