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Birthday Reflections and Dreams…

Birthday Reflections and Dreams…

Today is my birthday. This next year of life I can be whoever I want. I can rewire my brain into a different arrangement. I can interact with the world in an entirely new way. One of the side effects of being a brick and mortar business owner is that it...

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Yoga Therapy for Stroke: My Dad’s Journey

Yoga Therapy for Stroke: My Dad’s Journey

My dad can do anything, he can build houses, computers, software programs, cars, solar tracking systems, businesses and the list goes on. An engineer at heart, he loves learning how things work as well as problem solving and solution finding when elements...

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“In studying Public Health, epidemiology and disease trends, it became apparent to me that Yoga in fact, addresses the underlying causes of chronic diseases and empowers the individual with tools to create and sustain positive behavior change. From that moment on, I knew this was my life’s work.”

Katie Allen, MPH, C-IAYT

Katie Allen

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