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Lifestyle Design: Clarify Your Values

Lifestyle Design: Clarify Your Values

We are what we consume through our senses... Often times we put our attention on the wrong things and as a result, we feel exhausted, angry, chronically stressed or lost. The good thing is, if we change what we put our attention on, we can change our view...

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Free Progressive Body Relaxation

Free Progressive Body Relaxation

Here is a short, progressive body relaxation that you can use to unwind from a busy day or perhaps utilize as a sleep aid before bedtime. This is a great stepping stone if you are new to meditation, as it's a simple way to practice calming the mind, slow down the...

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“In studying Public Health, epidemiology and disease trends, it became apparent to me that Yoga in fact, addresses the underlying causes of chronic diseases and empowers the individual with tools to create and sustain positive behavior change. From that moment on, I knew this was my life’s work.”

Katie Allen, MPH, C-IAYT

Katie Allen

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